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The General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Social Credit System and Forming a New Development Pattern for High-quality Development
Time: 2023-04-21 Information Source: China Government network

Source: China Government website First published on: 2022-08-20

Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a High-quality Social Credit System and Promoting the Formation of a New Development Pattern, and issued a notice requiring all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it in light of the actual situation。

The full text of the Opinions on Promoting High-quality Development of the Social Credit System and Forming a New Development Pattern is as follows。

A sound social credit system is an important guarantee for the effective connection between supply and demand, a solid foundation for the optimal allocation of resources, an important part of a sound business environment, and is of great significance to promoting efficient and smooth circulation of the national economy and building a new development pattern。In order to promote the high-quality development of the construction of the social credit system and promote the formation of a new development pattern, the following opinions are proposed。

I. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology。Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,We will fully implement the principles of the 19th National Congress and all its plenary sessions,Adhere to the system concept,Balance development and security,Cultivate and practice core socialist values,Firmly promote the deep integration of credit concepts, credit systems, and credit means with all aspects and links of the national economic system,Further give play to the important role of credit in improving the efficiency of resource allocation, reducing institutional transaction costs, and preventing and resolving risks,It will provide support and guarantee for improving the overall efficiency of the national economic system and promoting the formation of a new development pattern。

(2) Job requirements。Based on the overall situation of economic and social development, the overall layout and focus on key points, and orderly promote the credit construction of various industries and fields in all regions。Actively explore and innovate, and use credit concepts and methods to solve the difficulties, blocking points and pain points that restrict economic and social operation。We will fully incorporate the construction of the social credit system into the track of the rule of law, standardize and improve credit measures in various fields and links, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of various entities。Fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of various subjects, give full play to the positive role of the credit information market, better play the role of the government in organization and coordination, demonstration and guidance, supervision and management, and form a joint force to promote the high-quality development of the social credit system。

Second, with a sound credit mechanism to smooth the domestic cycle

3. Strengthening research integrity and intellectual property protection。We will comprehensively implement the integrity commitment system for scientific research, strengthen the integrity review of the whole process of scientific research activities, and enhance the integrity awareness of scientific research institutions and researchers。Investigate and punish plagiarism, plagiarism, forgery, tampering and other behaviors that violate the requirements of scientific research integrity, and crack down on the "black industry chain" of paper trading。We will improve the system for the protection and application of intellectual property rights, encourage the establishment of a self-regulatory mechanism for intellectual property protection, and explore ways to conduct credit evaluation in the field of intellectual property rights。We will improve the system of punitive compensation for intellectual property infringement, intensify punishment for illegal and dishonest acts such as trademark registration and abnormal patent applications, and purify the intellectual property trading market。

(4) Promote quality and brand credit construction。We will further implement actions to improve quality, strengthen integrity requirements in metrology, standards, certification and accreditation, and inspection and testing, expand the supply of quality products and services in the domestic market, and make industrial and supply chains more secure and controllable。We will carry out the action to build Chinese brands, encourage enterprises to implement the requirements of law-abiding and good faith in all aspects of production and operation, strengthen the protection of Chinese time-honored brands and geographical indications, and cultivate a large number of benchmarking enterprises with good faith management and trustworthy performance。

5. Improving the credit system in circulation and distribution。Accurately evaluate credit status and improve resource allocation efficiency。We will accelerate the development of an important product traceability system covering both online and offline。We will improve the reputation mechanism of market players and improve the performance of enterprises' contracts。Implement the tax declaration credit commitment system to enhance taxpayers' awareness of integrity。We will crack down on fraudulently obtaining minimum living security allowances, social insurance benefits, and low-income housing。Establish a list system of seriously untrustworthy subjects in the field of social insurance。Promote the disclosure of information about charitable organizations, establish a list of abnormal activities of charitable organizations, prevent donation fraud and fraud, and enhance the credibility of charitable organizations。We will punish untrustworthy behaviors such as unpaid wages of migrant workers in accordance with the law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers。

6. Creating an environment for honest consumption and investment。We will encourage exploration of the use of credit to release consumption potential, and implement the "credit plus" project in the fields of medical care, elderly care, domestic management, tourism, and shopping。In accordance with the law, we will crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, illegal advertising, and false publicity, strengthen supervision over prepaid consumption, and jointly punish illegal acts that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers for breach of trust.For those who continue to be banned or punished repeatedly, market entry shall be prohibited according to law。We will strengthen the building of a law-based and honest government, and perform our commitments in good faith in accordance with the law in cooperation between the government and private capital and in attracting investment, so as to increase investors' confidence。We will establish and improve the accountability system for government dishonesty, and improve the long-term mechanism for dealing with delinquent accounts。We will promote a commitment system for notifying and approving enterprises。We will strengthen the construction of judicial public trust, increase efforts to promote the execution of persons to actively fulfill their obligations, and punish false lawsuits according to law。

7. Improving the ecological and environmental protection credit system。We will comprehensively implement credit evaluation in the fields of environmental protection and soil and water conservation, and strengthen the sharing and application of credit evaluation results。We will deepen the reform of the legal disclosure system for environmental information, and encourage relevant enterprises and institutions to disclose environmental information in accordance with the law。We will focus on achieving peak carbon neutrality, improve the national carbon emission rights trading market system, and strengthen credit supervision in registration, trading, settlement, and verification。We will give play to the role of government supervision and industry self-discipline, and establish and improve effective management and restraint mechanisms for illegal activities such as fraud by emission units and false reports issued by intermediary agencies。

8. Strengthening credit construction for all types of entities。Centering on the operation of the market economy in all fields and links, credit construction shall be strengthened according to law for all types of entities participating in market activities, such as enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, social organizations, government organs and institutions, and natural persons。Constantly improve credit records, strengthen credit constraints, establish and improve long-term mechanisms that dare not, cannot, and do not want to break credit, so that honesty and trustworthiness become the value orientation of market operation and the conscious pursuit of various subjects。

Third, with a good credit environment to support the domestic and international double cycle of mutual promotion

9. Improving import and export credit management。We will guide foreign trade enterprises to deepen their efforts in the international market and strengthen brand and quality construction。Promoting cooperation on mutual recognition of Certified Operators (AEO) at a high level;Promote the construction of customs credit system with high quality,We will promote the implementation of differentiated regulatory measures,Enhance the "sense of gain" of advanced certification enterprises;Establish a credit repair and seriously untrustworthy subject list system in the field of import and export customs supervision,Create an honest and trustworthy import and export business environment。We will make full use of export tax rebates, export credit insurance and other foreign trade policy tools, and moderately relax underwriting and claim settlement conditions。

10. Strengthening international two-way investment and credit building for foreign cooperation。We will implement the Foreign Investment Law and its implementing regulations, improve the management system of pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list for foreign investment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment, step up international cooperation on intellectual property protection, and maintain and enhance its attractiveness to foreign investment。We will strengthen credit construction in areas such as overseas investment, foreign contract projects and foreign aid, strengthen the collection, sharing and application of credit information, promote the application of electronic certificates and licenses, improve incentives for keeping faith and punitive measures for breaking faith, and further regulate market order。We will improve the record approval system for overseas investment, optimize the authenticity and compliance review, improve the reporting system for outbound investment, improve the record reporting management of overseas contracted projects and the approval management of specific projects, include violations of laws and regulations in our credit records, and strengthen the supervision of the whole chain before and after the event。

(11) Actively participating in international governance in the field of credit。We will actively implement multilateral and bilateral economic and trade agreements reached with other countries, and advance the revision of laws and regulations in accordance with the requirements of greater opening up and China's needs。We will steadily expand institutional openness in the field of credit, including rules, regulations, management and standards, provide high-quality services to jointly build the Belt and Road, and contribute Chinese wisdom and solutions to promote the building of a more just and reasonable international governance system。

Fourth, we will promote the financial sector to serve the real economy with a solid credit foundation

(12) Innovating credit financing services and products。We will develop inclusive finance, increase the scale of credit loans, and solve financing problems for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses。Strengthen the sharing and integration of public credit information and financial information, promote the "credit easy loan" model based on information sharing and the development and utilization of big data, and deepen the construction of the "silver tax interaction" and "cooperation between banks" mechanisms。Encourage banks to innovate credit products in service manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, agriculture, rural areas, environmental protection, foreign trade and other special fields, and develop financing for orders, warehouse receipts, insurance policies, inventories, accounts receivable and intellectual property rights。We will standardize and develop consumer credit。

13. Strengthening the integrity of the capital market。Further consolidate the foundation of the rule of law and integrity in the capital market, improve the integrity files of the capital market, and enhance the awareness of credit and the spirit of contract。Compacting the information disclosure responsibility of relevant entities to enhance market transparency。We will establish a credit commitment system for administrative licensing in the capital market and improve its handling efficiency。Urge intermediary service agencies to be diligent and responsible, and improve the professional ethics of employees。Strictly implement the compulsory delisting system, and establish a virtuous cycle mechanism for listed companies to survive the fittest。We will strengthen the protection of investors' rights and interests and foster an honest and trustworthy financial ecological environment。

14. Strengthening market credit constraints。Give full play to the role of credit in the identification, monitoring, management and disposal of financial risks, and establish and improve the risk prevention and resolution mechanism of "early detection, early warning and early disposal"。We will support financial institutions and credit investigation and rating agencies in using big data and other technologies to strengthen tracking, monitoring and early warning, and improve market-based risk-sharing, mitigation and compensation mechanisms。Adhere to the "strict supervision and zero tolerance", according to law, strictly and promptly investigate and punish major illegal cases such as fraudulent issuance, false statements, market manipulation, and insider trading, and intensify the criminal crackdown on embezzlement and misappropriation of fund property。We will improve the mechanism for dealing with debt defaults and severely punish those who evade or cancel debt in accordance with the law。Strengthen the punishment of dishonesty in the field of online lending。We will improve the market exit mechanism, allow insolvent enterprises that have lost their ability to pay their debts to be bankrupt, reorganized or liquidated in accordance with the law, and explore the establishment of a compulsory exit system for enterprises。

Fifth, with effective credit supervision and credit services to improve the integrity of the whole society

15. Improving credit infrastructure。Promote the construction of public credit information system as a whole。Accelerate the pace of credit information sharing, build a credit information network covering all credit subjects, all types of credit information, and all regions of the country, and establish standardized, authoritative and accurate credit files。Give full play to the information disclosure role of the "credit China" website, the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the public institution registration management website, and the social organization credit information publicity platform。Further improve the basic database of financial credit information, and improve the coverage and quality of data。

(16) Innovating credit supervision。We will accelerate the improvement of a new credit-based regulatory mechanism。Establish and improve the credit commitment system。Establish a comprehensive evaluation system for enterprise credit status,Optimize the allocation of regulatory resources based on credit risk,We will promote graded and classified supervision of credit in key areas such as food and medicine, engineering construction, bidding and tendering, production safety, fire safety, medical and health care, ecological and environmental protection, pricing, statistics, and use of fiscal funds,We will improve the precision and effectiveness of oversight。We will carry out special governance efforts and strive to solve the problem of lack of integrity in key areas that are strongly reflected by the public。

(17) Cultivate professional credit service institutions。Accelerate the establishment of a credit service system in which public credit service institutions and market-based credit service institutions complement each other and basic credit information services and value-added services complement each other。Under the premise of ensuring safety, relevant departments at all levels and public credit service agencies open data according to law, and support the development of market-oriented credit service agencies such as credit investigation, rating, guarantee, factoring, and credit management consulting。We will accelerate the market-oriented reform of the credit investigation industry and cultivate internationally competitive credit rating agencies。Strengthen the supervision of the credit service market and industry self-discipline, promote orderly competition, and improve the level of industry integrity。

18. Strengthening the construction of a culture of integrity。We will vigorously promote core socialist values, and promote the formation of a good fashion of advocating and practicing good faith。Guide industry associations and chambers of commerce to strengthen integrity and self-discipline, support news media to carry out integrity publicity and supervision by public opinion, and encourage the public to actively participate in integrity construction activities。We will deepen the building of integrity on the Internet。We will promote the construction of personal integrity in accordance with the law, focus on the integrity education of young people, entrepreneurs, employees of professional and intermediary service agencies, and parties involved in marriage registration, and strengthen the employment and performance management of targeted medical students and normal university students。Strengthen the construction of credit discipline and personnel training。

6. Strengthen organization and implementation

19. Strengthening Party leadership。We will uphold and strengthen the Party's leadership over the building of the social credit system。In accordance with the overall requirements of the central planning, provincial responsibility, cities and counties in charge of implementation, the establishment of a sound coordination mechanism, the construction of the social credit system into the comprehensive performance evaluation of high-quality development, to ensure that all tasks are implemented in place。The National Development and Reform Commission and the People's Bank of China should strengthen overall planning and coordination, and all relevant departments and units should earnestly fulfill their responsibilities and form joint efforts。

20. Strengthening institutional guarantees。We will accelerate the promulgation of comprehensive and basic laws on social credit, and revise the Interim Regulations on Disclosure of Enterprise Information and other administrative regulations。Local governments are encouraged to formulate local regulations related to social credit within their legislative authority in light of their actual conditions。Establish and improve credit commitment, credit evaluation, credit classification supervision, credit incentive punishment, credit repair and other systems。Improve the system of credit standards。

21. Ensure prudence and moderation。To compile a national unified basic catalogue of public credit information and a basic list of disciplinary measures for dishonesty, and accurately define the scope of credit information recording, collection, sharing, disclosure and the scope of application of disciplinary measures for dishonesty。In accordance with the nature and severity of the breach of trust, appropriate punitive measures shall be taken to ensure that the punishment is equal。

(22) Promoting pilot demonstrations。We will coordinate the creation of demonstration zones for the construction of the social credit system, focusing on practical exploration in the construction of a new credit-based regulatory mechanism, credit promotion of financial services to the real economy, and improvement of the rule of law for credit。All relevant departments in all regions are encouraged to conduct trials first, and summarize and promote typical practices and successful experiences in a timely manner。

23. Strengthening security protection。Strictly implement the responsibility for information security protection, standardize the authority and procedures for querying and using credit information, and strengthen the security management of information infrastructure in the credit field。Protect state and business secrets in accordance with the law。Implement laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of personal information。Supervise the cross-border flow of credit information according to law, and prevent information outflow from harming national security。


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